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Australia Is The Only Country That Does The 'Nutbush' Dance

Bus stop, Macerena, Time Warp, these songs make the world dance, but where's the Nutbush you ask?

Well according to the rest of the world, only us Aussie do the Nutbush dance!


That's right, a story appeared on Reddit not long ago called So apparently no other countries do the Nutbush and it seems that this person discovered this fact on Wikipedia.

No one else does the Nutbush the way we do the Nutbush here in Australia and none of us really know where the dance craze started.

Someone even tried to look into the origins of it in Oz, you can read more about it HERE

We have even entered our Nutbush dance into the Guinness World Record , just last year, 1719 people turned up at The Big Red Bash (in Queensland) to set a new Guinness World Record for the most people doing the dance at one time.

So if you feel like showing the world that we are all Nutbush mad here, make a video of yourself dancing Nutbush style and post it online using #MakeTheWorldNutbush

Personally, I always wondered why the film clip NEVER showed Tina Turner doing THE DANCE. 

And now I know.

Find out more about the story HERE