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The Age-Old Scientific Debate Answered!

Rubber Band Ball


What is the best way to shoot a rubber band?

After much research, scientists have figured out how to shoot a rubber band perfectly.

Quite often, the thumb gets in the way, misdirecting or shooting the rubber band off course.

The research has identified a couple of rules, or guidelines, to give you maximum purchase and effectiveness when shooting a rubber band.

Rule Number 1!

Don’t pull the band too tightly.

Tension is released as you shoot a rubber band from your thumb, causing reverberating ripples through the elastic.

The more tension that is built up will increase the speed, but this makes it more likely to hit your thumb.

Rule Number 2!

A wider elastic band is better, because the thumb creates greater force against a wider band, so when the band is let go, the thumb falls away quicker, making it easier for the elastic to launch freely.

In conclusion (my conclusion that is) … scientists have far too much time on their hands!!