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About To Head Off On Holiday?


Here are a few security tips to help protect your home.

December and January is when a lot of Aussies head off on a bit of a holiday.

December and January is also the time when the most burglaries occur across the nation.

Here are some great tips to help make your home less of a target for would-be home invaders.

Don’t leave ladders against walls … this gives thieves easy access if you have a two story home.

Make sure you ask a friend or neighbour to collect your mail … a full mailbox is a massive give away that you’re away.

Plants like hedges and bushes can help thieves stay out of sight, especially if they’re overgrown. Make sure your garden plants are trimmed back as much as possible and a motion detector lighting system around windows and doors is also a smart move.

Also, if you have just received a bunch of expensive goodies for Christmas, don’t leave the empty boxes for these items in your rubbish bins … burglars rifling through your trash may get the idea that those items are somewhere in your house.

Most thieves are after small valuables, so hide them in crafty places and hide paperwork or any files with your name, address and personal details … burglars can sell your information.

Try not to talk about your holiday on social media while you’re away. Wait till you get home and post all your pics and ensure sure your calendar can’t be seen through from outside if it has details about your holiday.

Get an affordable home security system that will program the lights to turn on and off randomly during the day … it will give the impression someone is home.

Hope you find these tips useful and have a happy holiday!!