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The Ultimate Breakfast!!

Scrambled eggs on toast with bacon at Captains of Industry

 Nothing like a good fry up with all the trimmings!

And a café in California has gone viral on social media with a wildly extravagant fried breakfast.

The Provisional Kitchen in San Diego is getting swamped by tourists on account of their very special breakfast offering which includes bacon, sausages, tomatoes, a hash brown (or something like that) chutneys, toast and avocado.

The star of the dish is an ostrich egg, which roughly works out to the same amount of egg as16 chicken eggs.

It will set you back about A$100, but will; serve at least four people (Or maybe a very hungry person who has been set an eating challenge!!

With a nice juice or latte on the side, sounds like an absolute winner … if you happen to be heading to San Diego sometime soon!!

Check out the Ostrich egg breaky below!