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Outrage At One Mum's "Fee" For Kids To Attend Birthday Party

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Children birthday parties are so much fun, until now.

We know that parties can cost a pretty penny, but if money is too tight to mention, you can organize one on a budget if needed, but this parent's request takes the cake.

One mum over in the UK, posted on NetMums to tell of her recent ordeal.

It seems her 10-year-old daughter had been invited to a friend's party, which was cool, even though there was only 2 days notice before the party was to be held.

After saying yes to the other parent via text message, she then received a reply that stated there with a price for her daughter to attend.

Yep, this mum had to fork out money for her daughter to go to the other child's shindig.

And that fee was around £25.

Now most parents are happy to spend that money on a present, but to add an "attending fee" on top of a gift seems a bit rude.  

This mum didn't mind the extra cost but would have preferred to have found out in the beginning.

Others had an issue with it.


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Photo thanks to PEXELS