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Anger Continues To Mount Over Opera House 


The debate over the screening of a horse race on the Opera House is still raging on.

Yesterday, news broke that Alan Jones allegedly bullied Opera House chief Louise Herron into projecting the Everest Cup onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House.

They are even saying that he threatened to have her sacked unless she said YES to advertising the Everest Cup.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has also backed the projection of the horse race.

Even our "new" Prime Minister Scott Morrison is all for it, saying that using the Opera House to promote the world’s richest race on turf is a “no-brainer”.

And this is where it gets really nasty, because many have come forward to say NO to the screening of the horse race on the sails of the Opera House, because the exterior, quote, "should not be regarded as a giant billboard or commercial/advertising opportunity".

Apparently around 3000 people are planning to turn up and disrupt the Everest projection by using torches and mobile phone lights.

Everest Organiser for Racing NSW has even made claims that it has received death threats. 

And debates are getting heated (to a point). 

Others on the other hand are using this as an excuse for a laugh. 

Racing NSW has also put forward the idea of declaring the Everest Cup race day a public holiday in New South Wales to politicians, (just like we have here in Victoria with the Melbourne Cup).

There is even a petition that has been created, which you can sign HERE, which, at the point of writing this blog, 242,804 have signed. 

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