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Hollywood Sees Box Office Success With Cave Rescue

While watching the trapped boys in the cave over in Thailand, did you think this will be a movie one day? I did and so did Hollywood.

While the world watched rescue operations enter its third day, a US film crew had already turned up at the foothills of the Tham Luang mountain cave system in Chiang Rai province. 

Pure Flix films managing partner Michael Scott and co-producer Adam Smith have been conducting preliminary interviews around the cave site. 

Not only that, they hope to bring over a screenwriter and while there, they will conduct interviews with people from the team of foreign rescuers plus Thai Navy SEALS.

They also want to interview the victims and their families and they will be asking for exclusive rights to all of their stories.

Some see this as insensitive, but Mr Smith says, quote: “There’s going to be other production companies coming in so we have to act pretty quickly.”
He also says that he would like the movie to be about he two British divers who discovered the boys and their soccer coach. 
Now check out this Instagram footage below, it's what everyone in the caves had to deal with. 

Let's wrap up the story, on June 23, 12 young boys and their soccer coach became trapped in a dark, flooded chamber.

One Retired Navy SEAL has already died trying to save the them. 

But after everything that has happened, now, all 12 boys and their coach (from the Wild Boars soccer team) have been saved!

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