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90% Of Triple Zero Calls Are Not Real Emergencies

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Do you ever get frustrated with your children not going and getting a job? Would you call Triple Zero about it?

Well one father called emergency services to complain about his son not finding a job.

The man, from Britain, called 999 twice in one week, to winge about how his son never gets off the couch to look for employment (even though his son claims that he can't find a job suitable to his skills).  

A spokeswoman from Lincolnshire Police has come out and said that this is not why you call emergency services and that the man was wasting officers’ time with such a petty complaint.

Other ridiculous complaints that have been made are:

  • A UK couple called police to report their daughter, seems she had threatened them after they had banned her from watching tv show Love Island.
  • And in Oz, we are just as bad, one man called police because he wanted to know what time Blue Heelers was on tv.
  • One woman had trouble calling a taxi so she complained to Triple Zero about it.
  • Apparently one person  just woke up one day and made the call asking what the date was.
  • And one other was sitting on a train and called Triple Zero to make a complaint about a passenger playing loud music near her.

All in all, about 90% of calls are not for what is considered to be a real emergency.

Making a prank or nuisance call to the Triple Zero number in Australia is classed as a Commonwealth Offence and it falls under the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Telecommunications Offences).

The maximum penalty for making improper emergency calls is three years imprisonment. 

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