National News

Samsung launches new Galaxy S smartphone

Samsung has unveiled the first Galaxy S smartphone with a stylus for on-screen work called the S Pen, more than a month ahead of its usual annual release schedule for models of its flagship compact phone.

QR code take-up must improve: NSW govt

Almost 30 per cent of mandated NSW businesses have not yet implemented the Service NSW QR code check-in system to aid COVID-19 contact tracing.

House votes to impeach Trump for 2nd time

Donald Trump has become the first president in US history to be impeached twice, as 10 of his fellow Republicans joined Democrats in the House of Representatives to charge him with inciting an insurrection in last week's violent rampage in the Capitol.

CSL sticking to AstraZeneca vaccine plan

Australian pharmaceutical giant CSL will reassess its ability to manufacture other coronavirus vaccines after it finishes pumping out 50 million doses of the AstraZeneca drug.

US surpasses 10m COVID-19 vaccinations

More than 10 million Americans have received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as the year-old pandemic roars on unchecked.

World facing 'ghastly' future: scientists

The world faces a ghastly future, threatening the survival of all species, unless urgent and decisive action is taken to slow climate change and biodiversity loss, an international group of 17 leading scientists says.