National News

A diminished Victoria's Secret sold

Victoria's Secret, which once defined sexy with its leggy supermodels prancing around in their bras and oversized angel wings, is being sold, its fortunes diminished as women increasingly look for styles that more realistically fit their body types.

Far right suspected in Germany shootings

A 43-year-old German man shot and killed nine people at several locations in a Frankfurt suburb overnight in attacks that appear to have been motivated by far-right beliefs.

Grandfather says killer dad was scum

Queensland police had received reports of domestic violence before Rowan Baxter doused his children and wife in petrol and set them alight.

Melbourne sites glow red, gold for China

Melbourne landmarks will shine red and gold, while a trade delegation will visit China as the state Labor government pledges solidarity with Chinese communities.

Cruise ship Australians arrive in Darwin

Australia has extended its ban on foreign travellers from China for another week as 170 evacuees from a coronavirus-hit cruise ship off Japan arrived in quarantine in Darwin.

China posts drop in new virus cases

Mainland China has reported the lowest number of confirmed cases of a new coronavirus since late January, partly because of a change in diagnostic criteria for patients in Hubei province, the epicentre of the outbreak.

Hundreds of preventable disability deaths

Four hundred Australians with intellectual disability will continue to die each year from potentially avoidable causes unless a neglectful health system is urgently fixed, a royal commission has been told.