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Is it time for Australia to do a Megxit?

Is it time for Australia to do a "Megxit" and break away from the British monarchy?Two decades have passed since the 1999 referendum and the Australian Republican Movement is launching a new campaign for a homegrown head of state.

Climate change poses financial crisis risk

The world's central banks have been told they must take responsibility for climate change if they are to stave off a systemic financial crisis, with a price on carbon pointed out as an effective policy.

Coronavirus: origins, action, symptoms

CORONAVIRUSORIGINS AND SPREAD* The World Health Organisation began responding to cases of unexplained pneumonia in Wuhan, central China, on December 31, 2019.

Qld gets first flood warning since May

Forecasters have issued Queensland's first flood warning since May last year for a shire that's been fully drought-declared for six long, hard years.

New coronavirus outbreak spreads in China

Chinese authorities and the World Health Organisation (WHO) say a new strain of coronavirus is behind the outbreak of pneumonia in the central city of Wuhan that has now spread to other parts of the country.

Rain fallout as Vic bushfires still burn

Storms have brought rain to fire-affected parts of Victoria but also left a trail of further destruction, with thousands of people calling emergency services for help.