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Prepare Your Tastebuds for Kombucha Lollies!

kombucha jellies

If you’re a fan of kombucha - that fermented, slightly fizzy health drink - you can now get your fix in a lolly!

The Natural Confectionery Co. is releasing a Kombucha inspired jelly - the first of its type in Australia - at the end of January.

The jellies will come in three flavours - Strawberry Hibiscus, juicy Ginger Peach and Kombucha Original - and be available at Woolworths just in time for World Kombucha Day.

(Which is on February 21 in case you were wondering. So now you can celebrate with a drink and a snack!)

The lollies aren’t just kombucha flavoured - they actually contain prebiotic fibre - so we’re wondering if this means we can skip our vitamins in the morning and have these lollies instead. 

Sounds good to us!

Image: Supplied