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Police puzzled by Majorca crash

majorca car accident goldfields police decemember 2019

Goldfields Police were left scratching their heads after a woman walked away from a serious crash near Majorca on Monday afternoon. 

Police allege the 32 year old was driving at 120 km/h when she lost control around a bend on the Eddington-Dunach Road in Red Lion around 5:15pm on Monday.

The ute rolled a number of times across the road, before coming to rest in a tree. 

She was lucky to escape with bruising, with police saying the vehicle had no airbags, and she was thrown around in the cabin after her seatbelt came undone during the crash.

The woman was reportedly picked up by a passer by who noticed the crash, with police commenting that she then went to work.

The driver is expected to be summonsed to attend court at a later date over her alleged speed, while police confirmed this morning that the woman was also driving on a suspended licence, and they were waiting on results from blood-alcohol tests.

Police say it's a reminder to slow down on our roads this festive season, and comes as Operation Roadwise kicks off today. 

Image via Eyewatch - Goldfields Police Service Area.