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Pell seeks leave for High Court appeal

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Lawyers for George Pell have confirmed they will be seeking leave to have his case heard at Australia's highest court.

Yesterday the Ballarat-born cardinal had the application for special leave lodged by his legal team for the case to be heard at the High Court of Australia, 24 hours before the deadline.

The lodgement is the first move in the lengthy appeal process in Pell's last chance to clear his name.

Last month Victoria's Court of Appeal upheld the child sex convictions over the assault of two choirboys in Melbourne in 1996, two votes to one.

In the application lodged yesterday, the 12-page document argues that the onus was on Pell's lawyers to prove the 78 year old's offending was impossible.

The High Court will consider the application made, and can either permit or deny the motion. It can also call on parties for more information before a decision is made, however it can take up to six months before a decision is reached.

If leave is granted, Pell will then need to lodge a formal appeal.

The father of a choirboy who died from a drug overdose in 2014 issued a statement through his lawyer yesterday, saying he was "beyond disappointed" to learn of the move by the disgraced cardinal.

"Every time Pell takes his legal fight to the next level our client is reminded of the disgusting abuse he inflicted on his son as a young choirboy," the man's lawyer said in a statement.

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