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Gordon police bust man speeding at 154km/h with kids in car

western freeway speeding cops september 2019 eyewatch moorabool

Police in Gordon have nabbed a disqualified driver travelling at over 150km/h.

Around 4pm yesterday, police noticed the Nissan heading west on the Western Freeway, when they registered the vehicle was travelling at 164km/h on a laser. 

Police then pursued the car and re-checked its speed on radar, coming in at 154km/h.

After intercepting the car, police discovered that the male driver of the vehicle had been disqualified from driving, and also had three kids all aged under 12 in the car. 

Moorabool Police have issued the reminder as the state's road toll hit 201 this morning after a crash in Woodend, that "the road to zero begins with you".

Image via Eyewatch - Moorabool Police Service Area.