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Police launch Operation Allycat in Ballarat

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Victoria Police have today launched a new operation targeting offenders on Ballarat's roads.

Operation Allycat aims to identify offenders using Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, which cross-references scanned plates with a number of police databases.

Detective Senior Sergeant Tim Argall from the Ballarat CIU says it will operate in a similar manner to speed cameras.

"It's where we have a camera set up in a static vehicle that detects the number plates of cars as they pass by," he said. 

"It then runs it through the police database, the sherrif database, and a number of others for us,and within a split second it can tell us whether vehicle is registered or not, or whether it's been stolen."

The ANPR technology also scans for information about the driver and any offences that they may have against their name.

"It can also flag whether or not the registered owner of that car might be licenced or disqualified, or anything of that nature," Det Snr Sgt Argall added.

The technology has been in Ballarat for some time already, with some highway patrol vehicles fitted with the scanner that have delivered positive results for local police.

Detective Senior Sergeant Argall says he expects all new highway patrol vehicles introduced to the force will be fitted with the technology, but doesn't anticipate it will be installed in every police car in the future. 

Operation Allycat is running across Ballarat today, September 11.

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