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Council: Ratepayers won't be hit with increased waste levy

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The City of Ballarat has assured locals they won't be receiving an increased waste levy as they continue their recyclable management trial.

It comes after state Leader of the Oppostion, Michael O'Brien, shared in Question Time yesterday that council would be having to charge locals an extra $2 million to manage the current trial due to the mismanagement of the state government.

Mr O'Brien alleged ratepayers would be hit with an extra $41 dollars to pay for the current contingency plan, saying Ballarat alone would need a third of the $6.6 million allocated by the state government to help 33 councils around Victoria deal with the financial burden they face following the closure of SKM.

But the City of Ballarat wants to assure locals they are absorbing the costs of the current trial in the short term while it explores different waste management options for the city's recyclables.

Council also adds that the $2 million figure would be the annual cost of running its current operations long-term, and that a decision to adopt the measure for a longer period of time is yet to be made.

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