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Ballarat to share in $11 million for councils over recycling crisis

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Ballarat will share in $11.3 million from the state government to deal with the ongoing recycling crisis.

The state government has announced today that they will provide the funding for the 33 councils affected by the closure of SKM to help use alternative contractors.

It will help alleviate the financial burden on many councils around the state, with some paying more than double what they were paying SKM to have their recycling diverted.

More than $6 million will be used to stop recyclables from going into landfill, however some of the cash will be going towards overhauling kerbside collections.

The state government says the quality of Australia's recyclable material is compromised due to being highly contaminated, and will work to overhaul the system to help improve the quality of recyclable materials.

Among the possible changes from a kerbside collection overhaul include extra bins for households to help improve the separation of waste, which will make it easier to recycle. 

Currently, Ballarat is storing recyclable materials to avoid them going to landfill, with council now looking to team up with non-profit companies to crush and bale the recyclables to they can be used in a future waste-to-energy plant.

The relief package to councils is subject to a number of conditions, including evidence that options other than landfill are sought, future waste contract transparency, and agreeing to work with the Andrews Government on reducing waste in the long-term, including a ban exporting recyclable waste.

Image via Unsplash.