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Serial liar Nelly Yoa returns to court to appeal sentence

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Serial attention-seeker Nelly Yoa will today begin his appeal to avoid a five month jail term.

Yoa pleaded guilty to five offences in June over perjury and making false reports to police.

In sentencing Yoa, Deputy Chief Magistrate Felicity Broughton said he was preoccupied with his public image, which made headlines following his arrival to court in a Rolls Royce while flanked by security.

Yoa immediately appealed the ruling, and was released on bail under strict conditions, including reporting to Ballarat police three days a week and was banned from Melbourne's CBD, with the exception of legal or medical appointments.

Alongside jail time, the 30-year-old Ballarat factory storeman has also ordered to complete an 18-month community corrections order on release.

He is expected to appear at the County Court in Melbourne today.

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