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Former CEO pays back misused money

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The former Chief Executive of the Central Goldfields Council has repaid the money he misused on his council credit card.

Mark Johnston was convicted and fined $26,000 last year after he illegally spent Council money on 112 transactions over a 4 year period, many of them related to buying meals.

He pleaded guilty to obtaining financial advantage by deception.  

The case led to MR JOHNSTON's resignation and the sacking of all GCS councillors.

Chief Administrator Noel Harvey said the exact amount of $9415 was repaid around Easter.

“It was quite simple – the man voluntarily refunded the money to Council,” he said..

“We weren’t going to spend ratepayers’ money to chase money.

“To Mr Johnston’s credit, he repaid the money some months ago now.”

Mr Harvey says he’s had no contact with Mr Johnston and is unsure if he has found employment elsewhere.

As a result of the case, Mr Harvey says changed to councillor training will be included in the new-look Local Government Act which is due to go before Parliament later this year