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Victims call for jailed bus driver Jack Aston to be freed

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Victims of the bus accident that saw local bus driver Jack Aston jailed are calling for his immediate release.

Aston was sentenced to 5 years behind bars, with a non-parole period of 2 years and 6 months in December last year.

He was found guilty of six charges of negligently causing serious injury by a jury over the crash at the Montague Street bridge back in February 2016.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, injured passengers Harry Whelan and Kathy Apostolidis say they never wanted to see Aston jailed over the incident, and added that the severity of his sentence is stopping them from getting on with their lives.

Both the victims have offered to help with an appeal lodged by Aston, with his wife Karen saying "it means the world" knowing that Whelan and Apostolidis want to help him appeal the sentence.