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Enrolment open for Indigenous locals ahead of First Peoples Assembly

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Indigenous locals can now enrol to vote to establish the First Peoples' Assembly.

The inaugural Assembly will be the voice of Aboriginal people in Victoria to help lead discussions into the next phase of Victoria's treaty process. 

The Assembly will be comprised of 33 Traditional Land Owners which will be decided during an election in July.

Enrolment is open for all Traditional Owners in Victoria, and for those Aboriginal people whose traditional country iss outside of Victoria if they have lived in the state for three of the last five years. Those aged 16 and over are encouraged to enrol.

Nominations for candidates will open on May 27 before closing on June 17. Voting will take place from July 8 to 21. 

For more information, head to TreatyForVictoria.org.au.

Image via IndigenousX.