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Illegal breeding conviction in Ballarat court

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A dog breeder has been fined $5000 in ther Ballarat Magistrates Court and given a 2-year ban from the industry after RSPCA officers discovered multiple breaches of the Domestic Animals Act.

Seven puppies - pugs and poodles - were seized from Anessa Blackwood's property  at an undisclosed location in October. 

Ms Blackwood has pleaded guilty to charges including conducting a domestic animal business on an unregistered premises, advertising animals for sale without a microchip number and failing to comply with instructions from an authorised officer.

RSPCA Major Team Inspector Lauren Roberts says the puppies can now be re-homed after seven months in limbo.

"Both RSPCA Victoria and the courts take breaches  of the Act very seriously and we hope that the outcome of today's hearing will send a message that this behaviour will not be tolerated," she said.

"Offenders will be found and held to account." 

rspca pug poodle nessa blackwood may 2019 unnamed 1

Images: RSPCA Vic