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Crime spree hits residents in Winter Valley

elegante road winter valley

A crime spree in Ballarat which has seen cars broken into over the past 24 hours has extended to Winter Valley.

Six car windows were smashed yesterday, and had items taken from inside the vehicles on Elegante Road near the Yorkdale Estate Playground.

Local resident Kirsten Rush fell victim to the random attacks, and says she's now without a car while she has her window repaired, and didn't hear the attackers break into her car.

She added that she's fortunate that they only took a phone charger and didn't have any other valuables in the vehicle, but will now be looking to install security cameras to help her feel safer and more secure in her neighbourhood.

Some residents affected by the vandalism and thefts have passed on CCTV footage to the police to assist them in their ongoing investigation to find the offenders. 

Hear our full chat with Kirsten below:

Image accompanying audio via Túrelio.