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Power outage across Ballarat

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Residents in Mount Clear have had their power restored, however an estimated 253 residents are still experiencing outages in Sebastopol. 

PowerCor's website estimates that the restoration time for Sebastopol customers will be by 2pm.

For more information or to report an outage, visit PowerCor's website, or call 13 24 12.


An estimated 2,800 customers in Sebastopol, Mount Clear and Delacombe are without power this morning following an outage.

PowerCor have confirmed that there are a number of customers who are currently experiencing outages, but are yet to provide details as to what is responsible for the outage.

Rick Downing was walking to the post office this morning in Mount Clear when he noticed that a high voltage wire fell off its fixture and was resting on the low voltage cable below it, as seen in the above photo. He noted that a truck was on site to attend the outage near his work on Whitehorse Road at 10:01am. 

At this stage the PowerCor website estimates that power will be restored by 12:30pm, however we will update this story as more information comes to hand. 

The outage is the second one this week in central and western Victoria, with a number of homes in Bridgewater on Tuesday without power due to hot and dry conditions that created a path for electricity to flow across.