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Historic floral tram out of action after Begonia Festival crash

Tram 5

One of the highlights of this year's Begonia Festival has been cut down, as a car collided with the histirical floral tram on Sunday.

Structural damage to the tram (pictured with Peter Waugh) meant it was out of action for the rest of the long weekend, but remained on display at the nearby Ballarat Tramway Museum.

The tram frame has been pushed out and doors on the vehicle no longer close properly.

Experts say the tram will need to be dismantled and pieced back together by hand.

The tram had been decorated this year with thousands of hand-made flowers made from recycled plastic.


Peter Waugh talks about the extent of the damge of the tram

Ballarat Tram Operations Manager Talks about how the Tram accident happened

Tram 4

Imapct zone

Tram 3

Tram 2