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New Art Workshops in Ballarat


Locals artists are being encouraged to register for Art Workshops at the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

The City of Ballarat funded workshops have been designed to build the professional capacity of the local arts community.

The $10 workshops will be held until June and aim to help artists effectively operate their own arts business.

The first workshop commences next week at the Art Gallery of Ballarat, with registrations open now via the Art Gallery of Ballarat website.

The workshops will be on the following days:

Governance for community organisations
Wednesday 13 March at 6pm
Many not-for-profit committees are looking for great volunteers, but before you commit, do you know what the role of a committee member is exactly?
This session will give you the information you need to be an effective contributor in meetings.
Understand your responsibilities and feel more confident about your role.
This is a great session for both new and experienced board members.

Creating and planning a great event
Wednesday 3 April at 6pm
Ballarat is home to some of the state’s best events. If you have ever wanted to mount your own event here, but were unsure how to go about it, then this workshop is for you.
The Events Team at the City of Ballarat will take you through all the basic skills you need to know, including planning, permits, and regulations. Walk away with a great toolkit that will assist you in planning your own great event.

Artist Run Initiatives
Friday 31 May at 10am
Collaborating as an Artist Run Initiative (ARI)? This workshop takes you through ways to set up and run an ARI, copyright and moral rights in joint works and governing for a strong, sustainable ARI.

Copyright law for artists
Friday 31 May at 2pm
Creating art means creating copyright. This session uses practical examples, case studies from artists’ experiences and hypothetical scenarios to help make copyright accessible and, dare we say, fun for creatives. This session is relevant to all creatives and artists across all art forms.

Marketing for artists
Wednesday 12 June at 6pm
How can you effectively let the world know about your work when you operate on a shoestring budget and don’t have a team of marketing mavens to assist?
Learn some effective marketing strategies from John Paul Fischbach, author of No More Starving Artists - How to master your art, your life and build your business. John Paul's inspirational style will motivate you to more effectively communicate with your audiences.