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Revised parking plan will cost you nearly 3 times more

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The City of Ballarat has revamped its proposals for paid parking - reducing the area where you'll have to pay.

But CBD workers and shoppers will face a bill of $42 a day or $210 a week if they want to park on the street in a metered area. That is almost three times more a week than the original proposal released in May.

City of Ballarat Infrastructure and Environment Director Terry Demeo told media this afternoon the change in parking is not about revenue, but creating a higher turnover of vehicles. 

Under the plan, a person who parks in the CBD all day for work would pay $42 dollars a day. 

The new parking plan will go to the February 20th Council meeting - and if approved it is expected to take around 12 months to put in place.

Mr Demeo said the clear message from extensive consultation was that the community did not want any major additions to the Ballarat CBD paid parking network.

What we can expect under the new plan: 

  1. No paid parking areas outside of the CBD but there will be greater enforcement. 
  1. On-street parking in the paid areas would be free for the first 30 minutes, $2 an hour for up to three hours, $8 an hour for between three to six hours and $12 an hour for more than six hours. 
  1. Off-street parking in paid areas would be capped at $6.50 a day. 
  1. A resident parking permit will be free and a second permit for the same home would be free.  A person would be considered for a third permit only in exceptional circumstances and would cost $200 annually.
  1. A revised enforcement regime will be brought in, including new parking meters with number plate recognition and credit card technology.

It is still unclear where the 1000 free car parks the Andrews Government has promised will be built, after the Premier made a $14 million commitment late last year.

Mr Demeo says he expects many CBD workers to park outside the CBD if the changes go ahead as is.