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Undefeated WestVic crushes Casey


Ballarat-based hockey team WestVic is one tough team to beat.

At the weekend the Vic league 1 mens team smashed Casey 8-0 - and it was on Casey's own territory at Berwick.

WestVic chalked up 4-goals in the last 10 minutes before half-time - and 6 of their goals were in the first half of the game.

Max Ferrier (pictured) hit 3 goals, while Cameron Sinclair netted 2 and others were scored by Michael Churcher, Alex Hall and Lachie Hansford.

It means WestVic are still undeated after round 5. 

Their next challenge is against Mornington Peninsula at the Ballarat Hockey Centre.

Meanwhile it was a similat story for the mens Reserves, who beat Casey 2-0.

The WestVic women and women's reserves both finished on scores of 2-1 against the two Casey teams