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Ballarat Covid cases tipped to grow as communities open up


The Grampians Public Health Unit says that Covid cases are likely to keep rising in Ballarat although the rate of that rise is slowing.

Ballarat recorded new 10 cases on Friday, 3 Saturday and 8 yesterday to take the cities active tally to 56.
Clinical Director Rosemary Aldrich says vaccination is the key.
"I think what we'll find is even if we have 90% of people vaccinated in Ballarat, given the nature of Delta, that will still leave 10% in our population who are not vaccinated."
"We do know that as we learn to live with Covid and as the restrictions ease then its very likely there will be an increase in cases," Dr Aldrich said.
Meantime, Ballarat Base Hospital will become a streaming hospital from today.
Dedicated Covid spaces in general wards and ICU will be created, with patients from outside of Ballarat expected.
BHS Chief Executive Officer Dale Fraser says some elective surgery will need to be scaled back whilst cases remain high.
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay