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No more metro jabs to be given in Ballarat


Rules have been amended to stop Melbourne residents from booking Covid vaccinations in Ballarat.

It comes after repeated instances of people travelling up from Melton to receive a jab at the Mercure mass vaccination hub.
Medical Director at Grampian's Public Health Unit Dr Rosemary Aldrich says the structure has changed to prevent metro residents from booking.
"Now its not possible for somebody to make for the first time a vaccination booking if they're in metropolitan Melbourne from outside a metro area."
"However, of course if somebody already has a vaccination appointment, and somebody with a permitted reason comes to have their vaccination outside metro Melbourne, we won't be turning them away," Dr Aldrich said.
Meantime, a milestone has been reached across the regions in Victoria when it comes to first jabs.
We've surpassed the 70% mark, a target set by the government that may allow restrictions to start to ease.
We're doing even better in Ballarat with 71% of the population first dosed, over 47% are fully vaccinated locally according to the latest federal government data.
Image: Radio Ballarat