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State Government Purchasing Policy bewilders Commerce Ballarat


Commerce Ballarat will today write to the acting Premier over a 'head scratching' policy that prevents government agencies from purchasing goods in their own area. 

The new government purchasing contract mandates that purchases must be made from an approved list of suppliers - all of which are metro based.
Commerce Ballarat CEO Jodie Gillett says the list will likely expand, however it could take up to 12 months, costing regional businesses.
"Small to medium businesses either don't have the time or the ability sometimes to go through the hoops that are required to get themselves onto this list."
"It just doesn't really make sense to be asking a business to fight for work that they've already got," Ms Gillett said.
Commerce Ballarat is part of the Victorian Regional Chambers Alliance that is leading the push to amend the new policy which will be implemented from July 1st.
Jodie Gillett image: timesnewsgroup.com.au