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Wet wait following booking errors at vaccination hub


People at the Mercure’s Covid vaccination hub faced frustrating wait times yesterday after an error in the booking system left some queuing up for over an hour in the rain.

The error resulted in a number of double bookings, extending wait time to approximately 90 minutes.

Collen Cornell, who had an appointment for 11.50. said it was so wet she was forced to leave without getting vaccinated.

"They had us standing in the rain for hours, and because we had to social distance, the people standing outside got pushed further outside," she said.

In a statement, Ballarat Health Services released the following.

"Today the BHS COVID vaccination clinic experienced system errors which resulted in a number of double bookings. This error extended wait times to approximately 90 minutes for those affected.

We apologise to those affected, particularly given the weather was so unpleasant

We are working closely with the State booking centre to improve systems as the vaccine program continues to expand, and we thank the community for their ongoing patience and support.

While there have been reported issues with the booking system, we continue to recommend that people make a appointment rather than walk in.  We cannot guarantee how long walk-ins will have to wait on any given day, although we have seen higher demand each morning, than in the afternoon.

When calling the State Vaccination booking line please note that the options have changed. 

The number is still 1800 675 398 but the options are now 1, 1, 1

If you call and experience issues getting through please try again later in the week.

The number of people choosing to be vaccinated continues to increase steadily each day, and we are confident of reaching our daily goal of administering 900-1000vaccinations per day soon.

Please note the clinic will be open over the weekend from 8.30-4.00pm each day, with walk-ins accepted between 10am and 2pm only.

For more information go to bhs.org.au/vaccine"