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Road trauma exhibition goes on display in Bridge Mall


An exhibition dedicated to victims of road trauma has been unveiled in Bridge Mall.

Josie Postlethwaite of Ballarat remembers vividly the day her brother Gareth hopped in the car after game of footy in 2010.

It was the last time she ever saw him.

“He was in his prime and had his whole life ahead of him,” she said.

“But the decision he made ended his life.”

It was a 20-minute drive to where his mates were celebrating. But fatigue saw his car skid off the road at high speed, claiming his life in the process.

“This campaign represents what we go through, a story of a life unfinished,” she said.

Gareth’s story is one of seven which was unveiled in Bridge Mall on Wednesday.

Titled Left Unfinished, the campaign tells stories of Victorians who either lost their life, or had it permanently altered as a result road trauma.

Transport Accident Commission’s head of safety Samantha Cockfield says it is a stark reminder of road safety ahead of football season.

“It gives people a chance for people to explore what it’s like to experience significant road trauma,” she said.


Image: Josie Postlethwaite next to one of the displays at the Left Unfinished exhibition in Bridge Mall. Picture: Kyle Evans