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Western Victorians encouraged to discover native ducks


A new campaign is being launched to help educate Western Victorians about Australia's native ducks.

The Discover Ducks campaign follows a recent survey showing 5 in 6 Victorians can't name any native ducks, despite Australia being home to 15 unique species.
It also found that while two-thirds of Victorians (66%) consider duck welfare to be important, a similar number admit to feeding ducks even though they know it can be harmful.
CEO of RSPCA Victoria, Doctor Liz Walker, says the campaign will help boost the profile of our native ducks and also encourage visitors to our state's regional wetlands and lakes such as Ballarat's Lake Wendouree.
"In the regions more than ever following the summer bushfires and also the impacts of Covid, we'd like to see more people from Ballarat visit those regional wetlands to discover ducks."
"I think its' a wonderful opportunity to support our regional communities and also learn more about these magnificent creatures," Dr Walker said.
 Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay