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Additional PSO hours at Ballarat train station blocked


The state opposition has hit out at the government for not supporting additional Protective Services Officer (PSO) hours at the Ballarat train station.

The Shadow Minister for Police and Community Safety David Southwick had pushed for two Protective Services Officers to be on duty from 6pm until the last train every day.

Last Friday evening in Parliament, the Andrews Government voted against the amendments .

The amendments, put forward by the opposition sought to ensure a minimum deployment level of two PSOs on every metropolitan train station and the Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and Traralgon train stations from 6:00 pm to the last service daily. 

“The role of PSOs can and should grow beyond train platforms but any redeployment must be in addition to, not at the expense of, their core duties on the public transport network," Mr Southwick said.

“Daniel Andrews has again put community safety last and his new laws make it a lucky dip for commuters as to whether they have a PSO presence at their local Ballarat station of a night.”  

Mr Southwick says offences are up 41% on and around the Ballarat station over the last 5 years.
Image: michaelobrien.com.au