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Ballarat police pleased 'overall' at truckies compliance


Ballarat Police say they're mostly pleased with the behaviour of truck drivers following a recent safety blitz at the Bungaree weighbridge.

None of the 16 drivers tested positive for alcohol or drugs however some were fined for mass, dimension, defect and log book offences during the blitz on September 29.
The operation comes following a spate of heavy vehicle collisions in the states west. It aimed to ensure industry compliance, as well as to educate drivers on the risks to other road users by failing to comply with heavy vehicle regulations.
Police undertook checks on heavy vehicles to ensure they were complying with laws around appropriate loading and mass, roadworthiness, work diary compliance, fatigue and drug driving.
Moorabool Highway Patrol Leading Senior Constable David Tranter said that while police were overall pleased with driver behaviour, there are still some simple changes that can be made to ensure everyone stays safe on the road.
“It’s the responsibility of companies and their drivers to ensure that they are compliant with National Heavy Vehicle Law,” LSC Tranter said.
“Loading trucks correctly and ensuring that work diaries are maintained helps keep everyone safe."
The operation is expected to continue over the coming weeks across the Moorabool and Ballarat regions.
Image: Radio Ballarat