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Victorian Chambers unite to call for easing of restrictions


Regional Victorian Chambers of Commerce including Commerce Ballarat have written to the Premier seeking an urgent easing of restrictions.

The alliance says regional areas are suffering unnecessarily and restrictions need to be eased to allow the recovery process to begin.
The open letter states that members understand that harsh restrictions were required to stop the spread of the virus during the second wave.
"Whilst we appreciate the reasons for wanting to wait for metro Melbourne to 'catch up' as such, the regional economy continues to unnecessarily suffer," the joint statement said.
Members of the alliance include Ballarat, Geelong, Bendigo, Horsham, Wodonga and many more
Premier Daniel Andrews hinted yesterday that restrictions could be eased soon in Regional Victoria given the low case numbers and zero mystery cases. The rolling 14 day average of new cases in the regions sits well under the original threshold set of 5, it's now 0.4.
Image by wendy julianto from Pixabay