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"Breaze" successfully lobbies for Ballarat solar project


The Ballarat renewable energy and zero emissions group, or Breaze, says this weeks announcement of a major solar project in Ballarat will more than double the number of panels they've been able to contribute over the last 4 years.

The state government has committed $123,000 to two solar projects in Ballarat, one at Pinarc and the other at the Ballarat Hockey Club.

Breaze President Mary Debrett says rooftop panels will be installed at one of disability support provider Pinarc's four Ballarat locations.
"We're always looking for not-for-profits, particularly social housing, but groups like Pinarc that don't have solar."
"Pinarc has four sites across Ballarat and we're going to put 68kW of solar PV on their roof," Ms Debrett said.

Breaze volunteers will work in association with Pinarc and DELWP in project managing the sites across Ballarat, with the installation work being tendered to local businesses.


Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay