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JobSeeker reduction to pull $7.36m out of Ballarat economy every 2 weeks


Regional communities like Ballarat are set to be hardest hit by the Federal Government’s cut to the coronavirus supplement for those on JobSeeker, Youth Allowance and parenting payments.

Latest figures reveal the nation's economy will lose $31.3 billion and 145,000 full-time jobs over the next two years with those in regional and rural areas the most-impacted.
CEO of the Australian Council of Social Service, Doctor Cassandra Goldie, says it's time for the government to provide permanent and adequate support for people on low incomes.
"Right now we've got 1 job available for every 12 people on JobSeeker nationally, but if you look at regional Australia it's 1 job for every 28 people receiving JobSeeker," Dr Goldie said.
Ballarat's Federal MP Catherine King says the reduction will pull $7.36 million per fortnight out of the Ballarat economy.

“People who rely on social security payments are more likely to spend and support local jobs and businesses. Ending this support too early will cost local jobs, and hurt those who have recently found themselves unemployed,” Ms King said.

Image: acoss.org.au