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8 candidates to contest each Ballarat ward


Only 24 people will contest the City of Ballarat council elections in October, that compares to 32 in Bendigo.

The Victorian Electoral Commission conducted a ballot draw in Ballarat yesterday afternoon to decide the listing order of the candidates.
Labor candidates fill the top two positions on the card on two of the three council wards.
Here are your council candidates in drawn order;
Jay Morrison
Daniel Moloney
David Harris
Peter Eddy
Amy Johnston
Grant Tillett
Bryn Hills
Ellen Burns
Des Hudson
Bridget Aitchison
Susan Jakobi
Ben Taylor
Tracey Hargreaves
Rachel Muir
Jim Rinaldi
Jackson Snep
Nick Shady
Kumuda Simpson
Stephen Jones
Geoff Howard
Mark Harris
Belinda Coates
John Dooley
Samantha McIntosh
The VEC will send ballot packs via post in the first week of October with completed ballots to be returned by October 23. Voting is compulsory.