McCallum / BRI processing about 45,000 containers a day but say more would be welcome

November 28, 2023 4:09 pm in by
Image: McCallum / BRI

Local Container Deposit Scheme collectors are being encouraged to use the Butt Street Canadian site managed by McCallum / Ballarat Regional Industries (BRI) no matter how many they are returning.

It comes following reports of long queues at the shipping container style Reverse Vending Machines with some reportedly closing after filling up.

Matt Vallance, from the disability support provider, says his teams service is quick with cash paid on the spot.

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“We’ve had everyone from a family with 20 containers, all the way up to a group of guys with about 22,000 in one go, which kept us busy.”

“It’s a range of your small amounts all the way up to your large bales of cans and containers,” Mr. Vallance said.

McCallum / BRI is currently constructing a second facility worth half a million dollars at Neerim Crescent Mitchell Park, which should be open prior to Christmas.


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