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The current COVID-19 crisis has made life that much harder for many, making the need for the Winter Appeal even greater this year

We have never have known so many local families to be in such desperate circumstances, and the onset of Ballarat’s cold and severe winter makes it extremely likely that in the coming months our welfare agencies and charities will be overwhelmed as they endeavour to cope with even more families requiring support.

As a result of the Coronavirus and the current economic situation a rapidly escalating number of local families have been left with no alternative but to turn to our welfare agencies and charities for assistance. Many of these families, including young families, have never previously found it necessary to seek help, but they are now desperate. The pressure on our welfare agencies and charities is enormous, and unless the WINTER APPEAL is again highly successful thousands of families will suffer and their suffering will be at the extreme level. However, a successful appeal will assist greatly in reducing their hardship.

Cash donations, and the flexibility which they provide, are the number one priority and of the greatest assistance to the welfare agencies and charities which our appeal supports …. Uniting Ballarat, the Salvation Army, Anglicare Ballarat, and the St Vincent de Paul Society. Donations of food items are also very beneficial, however, as our office remains closed due to the present restrictions, the drop off point for food donations is the Salvation Army corner Eureka St. and Main Road, weekdays, during business hours. All food donations will be equally shared by the 4 agencies listed above.

The annual WINTER APPEAL is totally local with every donation remaining right here in the Ballarat area to support local families in need, and this winter the number of families requiring assistance is at a level which was unimaginable until recently.

We have a huge and escalating number of local families who are desperate - will you give them a much needed helping hand?

Cash donations can be made via bank deposit or EFT to;

Radio Ballarat Pty Ltd Christmas Appeal Trust
National Australia Bank
BSB: 083 526
Acc: 635463252

Or mailed to;

3BA Winter Appeal
PO Box 360
Ballarat VIC 3353

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