The 3BA Community Appeals Page. 

The 3BA appeals page provides much needed support for Ballarat families. Donations of cash, food items and blankets are urgently required to help support Ballarat families who are going through some hardships.

You can make a pledge below.

Right now Ballarat families are going hungry because they have insufficient food. Families are suffering from the cold because they cannot afford heating. Children are cold at night because there are not enough blankets. Winter for these families is a time of hardship, so extreme, most of us would find it...
If you would like to help Ballarat families in need by donating, no matter how big or small, every dollar counts and we would love to pick up your donation from your business, school or feel free to drop in at 3BA HQ. 3BA office, at 56 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat.    
If you would like to help Ballarat families in need, it could be as simple as hosting a morning tea at your workplace or even a workplace PJ Party! We would love to see some of your creative photos, so send them to us so we can share them on...