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Local artist makes beautiful poppies from old bullets

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You can make a bid for the mounted Poppy in the photo by calling Ron on 0424 800 060 and proceeds will go to help PTSD awareness and returned soldiers

Who would have thought old lead bullets could be re-made into something as beautiful as a poppy? 

Trentham artist Ron Davis is a lead-worker by trade - and has worked on the rooves of some of Britain's most historic buildings.

These days he is scouring historic shooting ranges in Australia for weapons of war that can be sculpted into flowers.

Ron is also a musican and writer - and has come up with a framed poem and poppies which he will auction off to raise money for local treatment for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress.

ron davis trentham poppies bullets poem 20171107 093309 resized

Ron has also written a song called "Holding the Hands of Time" and you can listen below

You can buy Battlefield Blue poppies at MADE in Ballarat, Eclipse Ford in Sebastopol or Cafe 56 in Creswick.

For more details on Ron's work, go to www.poppytributes.com.au


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