DIY Remedies For Getting Rid Of Ants



They sure can be a nuisance!

They’re part of the Formicidae family and there are over 4000 species of ant in Australia, some of which are pests living in and around buildings, and are more prevalent in the home when it’s rainy.

(Nothing worse than ants in the kitchen munching on food scraps!)

If you are keen on going for a non-toxic remedy for your ant problem, there are a number of natural DIY solutions!


Ants hate the smell of it!

Soak a cotton ball in half a teaspoon of high concentration cinnamon oil and wipe the areas that the ants are entering from.


The aroma masks ants’ scent trails making it hard for them to find food, but it’s a short term solution because it does evaporate quickly.   

Fill a spray bottle with half vinegar/ half water and spray in problem areas. It takes about an hour to take effect.


Rub lemon juice on surfaces where ants are staking a claim or entering your space.

You can also use lemon essential oil, in a similar fashion to the cinnamon method above, or scatter lemon peels or herb dried peppermint in the problem spots until the ants are no more!


Mix borax with granulated sugar, 1:3 ratio, or liquid jelly and pour into milk lids and place them in problem areas.

Borax’s toxicity will attract ants and once they have ingested the chemical, they will perish.

You can also make a paste by mixing with water to spread where needed.

Good luck, and hopefully this will help if you have an ant problem.