Lipstick Does Not Belong In This Place

Canva kiss stain.jpg

Lipstick stains can turn up in the most random of spots like your collar, on a hanky and even on your teeth BUT NEVER HERE.   

The internet is having a meltdown over a lipstick imprint, thing is, it's not the stain itself that has many confused, it's where it is located.

@ClawedHumour (a Twitter user) posted the photo and it has been shared almost 5000 times and more than 9000 people have liked the tweet.

Take a look below.

So do you see a "lipstick imprint" inside the toilet bowl?

How did it get there, you ask?

Well many Twitter lovers have different thoughts on the matter, like theory of a girl who blotted her lipstick by kissing a square of toilet paper and threw it in the toilet instead of trash and it got stuck to the bowl and lipstick mark stayed after flushing.

Or this idea, what about girl got extremely drunk, threw up in the toilet, and she was throwing up, she did it so much that her head was in the toilet and she kissed the side.

Others would rather not ever know the answer.

Lipstick Picture thanks to PIXABAY